On behalf of the Nurse Executive Council we would like to extend a thank you to Direct Supply for their support and guidance during the development of this website. In addition to hosting this website their continued support to our group is appreciated beyond measure.
Co Chairs:
Cindy Barnette
Rita Vann


The post acute and long term care continuum has and will continue to be a challenging and exciting segment of the healthcare profession. At present, there are several critical factors peaking simultaneously:

  1. The largest population of society projected to be over 65 within then next several years;
  2. Strained national and local financial budgets for skilled nursing care;
  3. Limited professional workforce; the post acute and skilled nursing sector will be challenged to maintain and sustain the progress in quality accomplished over the past decade.

Effective nursing leadership of the future will require unique skills to manage and lead diverse workforces, interpret and execute regulatory policy and define parameters of efficient and effective practice. The Nurse Executive Council brings together a broad body of knowledge and expertise in an effort to provide solutions in this changing environment. Our experience in multi-facility, multi-state, operations gives us a comprehensive and compassionate repertoire to influence profession stakeholders and future post acute care leaders.

Our mission

The Nurse Executive Council provides a forum and serves as the voice of nurse leadership in the post acute and long term care environment. Our voice provides healthcare organizations and stakeholders with experiential knowledge that will continue to enhance quality of care through leadership and encourage innovation for ongoing improvements in care delivery and patient safety. The following are our Council’s three primary areas of focus:

Workforce and Leadership:

  • Build strong relationships and establish clinical communication forums to promote the sharing of ideas, problem solving and expertise among professional nurse executives;
  • Identify solutions for leadership and workforce recruitment to the clinical field of study, and retention once in the profession.

Quality/Nursing Practice:

  • Foster innovative solutions to the challenges in healthcare delivery faced by nursing, provider organizations, and other key stakeholders in post acute and long term care settings;
  • Collaborate with professional organizations to endorse and disseminate best practices aimed at safe, effective and efficient care delivery models in post acute and long term care settings.

Public Policy:

  • Influence legislation and public policy to support regulation, reimbursement and nursing practice in post acute settings through collaboration with industry associations and professional organizations;
  • Partner with key stakeholders to develop positive messaging and communication strategies for public dissemination related to the professionalism and clinical expertise of post acute and long term care nurses.